Extreme Abortion Legislation Celebrating Infanticide


Extreme Abortion Legislation Celebrating Infanticide

Extreme Abortion Legislation Celebrating Infanticide

63 Million Babies Killed

Since the passage of Roe vs Wade legalized abortion on demand in 1973, associate degree appalling 63+ million babies are killed within the United States alone. actually, anyone will perceive that unintentional physiological condition could be a discouraging, life-changing expertise, however the killing of 63+ million babies on demand by the abortion industry? Indefensible. it's the equivalent of the killing of a full generation. This datum speaks volumes regarding the moneymaking abortion trade as a full, one that takes advantage of vulnerable girls and ends the life of precious babies: "Before I shaped you within the uterus I knew you before you were born I set you apart... " Jeremiah 1:5

New Extreme Abortion Legislation: 'Celebrating' Infanticide?

There is a lot of cash dynamical hands at intervals the abortion trade. in keeping with Planned parentage, girls pay roughly $1000. for associate degree abortion, however different places might charge the maximum amount as $10,000 for associate degree abortion. there's additionally a value related to having the remains of abortion disposed of. Baby components area unit usually sold for prime greenback on the black market, and area unit then 'recycled,' employed by medical researchers and for a few vaccines.

New York recently passed a bill, the generative Health Care Act, legalizing abortion of babies up till the hour of birth. Abortions there will currently be performed while not a medico gift or laws to confirm the mother's safety. This bill reverses several of the precautions and protections for the mothers, promotes abortion on demand for nearly any reason, and most significantly, mortally endangers baby's lives through infanticide. The passage of this new law in New York, over a couple of different states area units about to imitate in a very variety of upshot as well as RI, NM, VT, VA, and CA, among others.

Upon passage of this new, 'progressive,' infanticide legislation in New York, there was nice jubilation, revelry, and celebration within the law-makers, and therefore the streets, by Governor Cuomo, et al. and across the United States. Surreal because it was to witness via thought and social media, distinguished buildings in NYC were lit up in bright pink to commemorate this new infanticide law, conveyance to mind the subsequent scripture: "12 knowledge can prevent from the ways in which of wicked men... fourteen World Health Organization enjoyment of doing wrong, and, rejoice within the perversity of evil... ' Proverbs 2:12-15 New International Version (NIV)

Some news reports say that in big apple town, their area unit currently additional abortions than live births. during a} very real sense, we have a tendency to area unit all witnesses to the present wrong, new extreme pro-abortion law promoting infanticide of viable babies. This doesn't presage well for girls, babies, or our country. it's time for Americans of conscience to talk up and speak out with boldness on behalf of girls and unborn babies, associate degreed to hope for a finish to infanticide before this grievous observe of maximum abortion takes root.

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