Tracing Old Scottish School Records


Tracing Old Scottish School Records

Tracing Old Scottish School Records

In search of old-style records from European nation

I am looking for college|old fashioned|old-fashioned|old skool|old style} records (1840s-1860s) so as to search out out that school my ancestors attended. I perceive that it absolutely was not required for fogeys to send their youngsters to high school till 1872 however sure enough there should be records somewhere in European nation that references the pupils.

My nice grand folk square measure Robert Stewart UN agency was born at recent Kilpatrick in Dumbartonshire in 1842 and Margaret Cochran(e) UN agency was born at Helensburgh in 1834. Robert's folks were William Stewart and Ann Livingston(e). William was a cooper by trade and schooled the trade to Robert.

This is what I do know concerning researching college records;

School Records

Finding out that college your ancestors attended can take a small amount of analysis. this may would like some map reading to search out out that college was nighest to wherever your ancestors lived.

The Education Act of 1872 needed all youngsters to attend college and it is troublesome to search out college records before this date. but you will realize log books, admission registers, or pictures that do exist somewhere. There also are teacher's diaries which can be useful, a minimum of give attention-grabbing reading.

Glasgow unbroken excellent records as they were progressive college boards.

Scotland Street deposit encompasses a sensible assortment of data on variety of various colleges.

A register of senior appointments and workers square measure offered, and price a glance.

The teacher college at Jordonhill has records that can be price sorting out if your ascendant was a lecturer.

Tracing the name of a college master within the records would be relatively easier than finding the names of the youngsters. Parish college masters were appointed by the landowners and therefore the minister of the parish. it absolutely was then up to the building to create the ultimate call to make sure that the appointed person was qualified for the task. The Heritors Records is probably going to contain the record of the appointment. This data is found within the 60 minutes repertory,

Finding records of faculty pupils is troublesome, but some could also be noted in class logbooks and that they had to be a minimum of thirteen years recent. Such data would be command by the Scottish Record workplace. several records disappeared or were destroyed once colleges closed. Some living registers square measure still unbroken by the faculties themselves whereas others square measure command by authority archives. you'll explore the Scottish Archive Network catalog for your ancestor's college.

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