Women's Liberation Are We Liberated


Women's Liberation Are We Liberated

We all verbalize women's education. we have a tendency to all verbalize women's liberation. however, way we have a tendency to square measure from the $64000 truth? we have a tendency to preach tons. however, will we apply it? these days the globe is moving at an awfully quick pace. girls square measure moving previous men in each sphere of life.

Academics: Be it student Romila Thapar to noted Scholar Nabanita debutante fractional monetary unit to author Shobha First State girls square measure all over.

Politics: From Mrs. Indira Gandhi to Mrs. Edmund Hillary Clinton politics is often best handled by a woman.

Journalism: every and each leading media home is headed by a woman.

Acting: From India to us, girls square measure the simplest and also the highest-paid performers in today's time.

Corporate world: From banker Mrs. Chanda Kochhar to Biocon chief Kiran Majumdar Shaw tons of leading company establishments are headed by girls.

Malala Yousafjai: All discussions are going to be incomplete if we have a tendency to fail to speak concerning this lady. returning from a humble background she skint all stereotypes to become a laureate. She skint all stereotypes close to Islam's faith.

Mary Kom: India's terribly own female parent|The Virgin|Blessed Virgin|Madonna|Jewess|mother|female parent} Kom is these days the world's highest-rated boxer. She could be a mother, an avid adult female, and a champion boxer. what number of girls can do that?

Kiran Bedi: A discussion concerning girls are going to be incomplete if we do not refer to Kiran Bedi. maybe the foremost extremely embellished and celebrated IPS Officer in India. From professional person Meenakshi Arora to traveler Kalpana Chawla the list is endless. the number of kid beggars in India square measure rising a day. the speed of ladies trafficked out of India is rising a day. In {india|India|Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} itself Madhyapradesh has the best rate of rape in India.

India is the land of girls students. Be it Khana, Gargi or Maitrayee. cannot we offer the fundamental amenities to girls like sanitation, education, hygiene, etc?

Right to basic education: Let each lady has the proper to basic education.

Right to basic hygiene: Let each lady has the proper to basic hygiene.

Marriage at a correct age: Let each lady unify at the correct age. Let each lady unify when they attain adulthood and solely when they get the correct education.

Prevention of married Rapes: India could be a land with the best variety of married rapes.

A man is born out of a lady's female internal reproductive organ. Behind each, in man, there's a woman. cannot we modify the rule and prove and prove that the other way around is additionally possible?

But still, we have a tendency to square measure faraway from the $64000 truth. girls square measure tortured until these days. India worships the supreme sort of feminine divinity within the sort of Mother Durga. we have a tendency to mustn't ever forget that. Even Mother Jewess is worshiped before Saviour.

Marital rapes do exist. we do not treat our wives, mothers or girlfriends with equal dignity. we have a tendency to fail to apply what we have a tendency to preach. a minimum of I do. I hope you do not commit an identical mistake.

Let behind each in girl there be a man: Behind each in man, there's a woman. it's time we have a tendency to prove that behind each in girl there's a person. allow us to take one discovery. it's time to prove that. there's no shame therein.

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